Published on: 25 November 2013
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Matt Irwin Photography Featured At Alto Hotel

Back when Alto first opened in 2005, we looked for a local artist to capture the spirit of Melbourne. As a new hotel our walls were a blank canvas waiting to be brought to life. One artist came to mind, that artist is Matt Irwin. When he was just 18 years of age Matt Irwin was struck with an idea – to photograph Melbourne in all its shades and moods, at street level, telling everyday stories on a human scale as no photographer had done before him. For over 24 years, Matt’s artistic endeavour has created a canon of work that is enjoyed by local Melburnians who are proud of their city as well as interstate and international visitors who take home his work as cards, calendars, books and original prints. We have a huge portfolio of Matt’s works throughout the hotel, often when you stay with us you will see different images in different rooms. Matt was the first photographer to truly capture the laneways of Melbourne, celebrating a unique aspect of the city long before it became popular or groovy. Matt’s work adorns buildings and homes throughout the world, enabling each viewer to share their passion for our city and reconnect with Melbourne over and over again. For more about Matt Irwin visit