Published on: 15 April 2014
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Look Out For Falling Drop Bears – Brave Bears To Hospitalised Children

Alto takes team building & Royal Children’s Hospital fundraising to greater heights Some team members, family and friends of the Alto Hotel are undertaking one of the bravest challenges; skydiving out of a perfectly good plane 10,000ft above the ground and it’s all for charity! ‘Canopies for Kids’ is one of the first events in Australia to run in conjunction with Commando Skydivers to raise money for charity through skydiving. ‘Canopies for Kids’ will be raising money for the Royal Children’s Hospital on Good Friday 18th April as part of the Good Friday appeal. Our team is looking to raise much needed funds for this worthy cause, risking life and limb and all we are asking of you is to assist with donations. Donate here Norman (Director), Gary (General Manager), John and Nick (friends and family), have bravely put their hands up to participate in a tandem skydive, whilst Gemma (Guest Services) an active member of Commando Skydivers will be jumping solo! It is a team bonding session like no other! All jumpers will have a “trained” teddy bear strapped to them when they jump. The courage taken from the jumper will fill the bear with bravery and the bear will then be passed onto the sick children at the Royal Children’s hospital, along with a heartfelt message. This will help give the kids the courage and bravery they need to fight their everyday battles. If you would like to see our team being pushed out….I mean jump out of a perfectly good plane, we would love it if you would sponsor us! Any amount goes a long way, and any donation over $2 is tax deductible! Pledges can be made through this link: (Team Member: Alto Hotel on Bourke _ last on list of team members). If you are in the Tooradin area on the Friday 18th April, please feel free to drop by, it is going to be fantastic event! All jumps will take place at Tooradin Airfield, roughly 1 hour east of Melbourne.