Alto Locals

Alto Locals: Nurturing Sustainability Through Local Partnerships

Eco-Friendly Revitalization: A Commitment to Responsible Choices

At Alto Hotel, we take pride in our sustainable initiatives, especially when it comes to refurbishing our space. We’ve meticulously chosen materials that have the lowest environmental impact, opting for recycled, upcycled, and even carbon-negative products. Our furniture, for instance, is crafted from recycled wood and repurposed old construction equipment, stools that are made from old telegraph poles from Queensland,  all showcase our dedication to responsible sourcing and reducing our carbon footprint.

Embracing Local Craftsmanship: Upholding Australian Heritage

We believe in supporting our local community. That’s why our upcycled woollen blankets and throws are sourced exclusively from Australian suppliers. By investing in local craftsmanship, we not only promote regional industries but also celebrate the rich heritage of Australian design and artistry.

A Greener Tomorrow: Together, We Make a Difference

By choosing Alto Hotel, you are not just selecting a place to stay; you are supporting a sustainable vision. Our commitment to eco-conscious choices and local partnerships is a testament to our belief in a greener, cleaner future. Join us in fostering sustainability and enjoy your stay knowing that you are contributing to a positive environmental impact. Below is just a selection of partners we are currently working with.


ND furniture are a team of artisans who produce unique handmade recycled timber furniture for residential and commercial clients. They are passionate about the history of the timbers they use, fusing textures, colours and inlays. Their inlays include vintage advertising crates, antique piano panels and french wine boxes. Environmentally resourceful and locally made, they use traditional joinery methods such as mortise and tenon joins to ensure structural integrity. They also recently supplied to MasterChef Australia 2020 for the “Back To Win”.



Five Mile Radius is a research, design and manufacturing studio exploring a future based on natural and recycled construction materials. They deliver architecture, products and educational content that imagines a world built on a respect for material resources. Founded in 2016, their name is taken from a challenge set forth by the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi. Understanding the socioeconomic and environmental benefits, he asked his countrymen to build from materials found within five miles (or eight kilometres) of their homes.  They believe there is value in architecture that reflects its specific place, its specific landscape and its specific people. They work with low carbon bio-based materials such as timbers, earth and stone as well as construction waste and salvaged materials. Both their architecture and product work aims to limit the extraction of non renewable resources while ensuring they consider the lifecycle of each material they use.





Leisa Wharington is the sole designer and maker behind The Glass Studio. Inspired by nature and organic forms, her work is a reflection of her surroundings. Leisa
designs her glass to be adaptable for both modern and traditional settings, without compromising her artwork for mass production or outsourcing. Leisa offers personal consultations and commissions to design and create specialty one-off pieces. Studio visits are generally recommended to meet with Leisa and discuss each piece in person and depending on the size.

Leisa Wharington (


                                                      Melbourne Rooftop Honey

They are beekeepers with a plan… At the Alto we have been working in partnership with Melbourne Rooftop Honey for the past 10 years ! Hosting several of Melbourne Rooftop Honey’s beehives on our roof. The project is a vision of bringing bees back to the city of Melbourne, aimed at rooftops using natural beekeeping methods. Individuals or businesses, who offer their roof spaces or balcony, can get involved as well as receive a portion of the honey for their gesture. They have installed, maintained and looked after the bees for sometime now.

Each site has their own unique honey with the balance being sold back to the city community. They supply 100% raw hand extracted honey. No additives or heat treatments, only mother natures all natural food straight from the hive. As a True Local Product, there are less actual food miles, they are helping green Melbourne and we are honoured to be involved in supporting a sustainable greener future. For further information, you may like to look on their website :

Alto Hotel is proud to support Rooftop Honey, by hosting 2 hives on our roof. We look forward to our next harvest of Alto Honey in spring. Melbourne Rooftop honey is also served in our restaurant for breakfast and is available to buy from our Front desk team.