Published on: 30 November 2011
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Salua Orphanage And Other Kindergartens

Alto Hotel on Bourke – our community programs:- Many of us at Alto Hotel have an association with East Timor; over the years we have concentrated on educational and child/family, welfare projects. We do this through our membership of the Balibo Flag House Trust and Rotary Club of Port Melbourne. We are represented on the boards of both these organizations and in the past 12 months we have contributed to a number of different projects. Salua Orphanage and other Kindergartens – Rotary Club of Port Melbourne The Salua Orphanage is a project of the Rotary Club of Balwyn, which, with help of other Rotarians and donations from Australian companies are refurbishing a building and fitting it out for the Dominican Sisters to run as an orphanage for 85 children, in the village of Salua in central Timor Leste. Sister Marylou and fellow Sisters, builders and Rotarians are all racing against the clock to get it all ready for the children to move in before Christmas. This is a good story and fits exactly where we like to get involved; with the help of other hoteliers like Rufus Pereira from Mantra Hotels and Jenny Kerr from Birches Serviced Apartments, we contacted our suppliers, Konghwa Laundry, Princes Laundry and South Pacific Laundry who have all generously donated to the cause. Within days we had collected 250 single sheets, 200 pillow cases, 250 towels and some 2000 tea towels! What to do with 2000 tea towels?? Never mind, we are sure Sister Marylou will barter them for some other useful items. There were also 170 picture frames which will be put to good use, with a photograph of each child adorning the walls and corridors at the children’s new home. This is not the only Rotary project which has been lead by Alto Hotel. Over the last 4 years we have contributed with 5 toilet blocks; 2 for Sister Dunalva’s kindergartens on Atauro Island, 2 at the Tais Market in Dili and 1 at the Lequerachabu’u School in Macalaco Suku, in the Baucau district. YOU TOO CAN CONTRIBUTE – DROP A PRESENT AT ALTO HOTEL AND, WITH THE HELP OF ROTARY PORT MELBOURNE, WE WILL MAKE SURE IT GETS TO A CHILD IN TIMOR LESTE.