Published on: 27 April 2011
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The Worlds Only Electric Sports Car Checks In At Alto

We think we are fast and efficient at the Alto Hotel front desk yet we could not keep pace with a recent guest. The Tesla Roadster fully electric vehicle plugged into the Alto Hotel recharge station for a second time following its first stay with us in March 2011. The low and sleek sports car changes perceptions of an EV being a slow city commuter. It certainly turned some heads while parked at the front of the hotel. While the batteries can store enough power for just under 400km of driving is can also excite with acceleration and performance moving from standing to 100km per hour in 4 seconds. After a test drive “exhilarating” is just one of the words uttered by Gary Stickland, General Manager. “Finally a good reason to have a mid life crisis & not feel guilty” he also said. The future of being kind to our environment can also be stylish without needing to compromise. Like the Tesla , Alto Hotel strives to offer all you usually expect yet do so with a low environmental footprint. Perhaps we can “have our cake and eat it too”. For more details on Tesla see link.